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Here in we do not try to talk about all kind of auctions website. We going to present to you auctions site for online personal items, not for Real Estate, Horses, Farm Equipment ect. You can find online hundred of thousands of Auctions Website around the word. But if you are looking for Auctions websites to sell your personal items, you are in the right place. Here, we going to list only auctions websites for people who want to sell items online and make some money. The next list is about good and bad sites, Pros and Cons for those sites.

  • is a new Real Time auction site open October 25, 2016. Auction Bonanza is an online auction site and is also one of the world’s most fun and low-cost live shopping experiences. Auction Bonanza conducts live, online auctions, 24/7, where people can come together to buy and sell across the world, in a wide variety of auction rooms. VERY VERY Good website need our support. Low fees. You can register for free and have to apply to be a seller. After they approval your request you can start selling. They have an store, so buyers can buy by the "Buy Now" link.

  • eBay is one of the oldest auctions site. I still selling on eBay for more than 10 years. The best result I have is with my own items, old cameras, radios ect. But with new items too. My advance is try to find rare items like collection items, antique ect. If you are new to eBay try to start with your personal items you don't use no more.

  • is a live auction, real time auction website. It is a new website starting in 2015. They know Sellers work too hard not to keep a substantial profit for their efforts. They created to be a buyer-friendly and seller-helpful third-party platform, where you can sell your goods without the stress of high fees and abnormal, ever-changing rules. When sellers save, buyers save. They have auctions room with virtual auctioneers. You can host and auction but need 100 items or more. They don't charge for auction or insertion, they only charge if your item is sold, and there fees are very low. New place but is very good.

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  • For me, after years selling online in different platforms my best recomendation if you are not a License Auctioneer or an Auction House owner, is
    1. It's free to buy or sell
    2. It's a nice and Fun place to buy and sell.
    3. More and More people sign up daily.
    4. Lowest fees for sold items and NO Scheduled FEES!